Design The perfect smile
Design The perfect smile

Digital Smile System is a software that allows dentists and technicians to realize the digital project of the aesthetical and functional smile rehabilitation through simple and automatic tools. Following an intuitive and guided process dentists will be able to show to the patient the preview of the prosthetic result, giving technicians all the necessary information to realize the project.

How does it work?

The current practices of digital reconstruction of the smile involve the use of photo editing programs. Instead, thanks to automatic calibration instruments, the DSS is able to obtain precise measurements, and its specific tools are able to realize authentic and reliable projects.


Take pictures of the patient

The Eyewear allows to take pictures of the patient in the most correct way; moreover, thanks to reference points, it makes accurate measurements and allows the observation correct symmetries and proportions.


Upload the pictures into the software

In order to realize the project, dentists just need two pictures: the smiling face of the patient and an intraoral picture. Besides, in order to deeply analyze the case and simplify technicians’ work, it is possible to upload a full set of pictures both of the patient and the model.


Realize your project

The natural, custom and commercial libraries permit to satisfy all patient’s request. DSS has advanced tools such as outlines, ideal smile line and gold proportion index which support users in the development of the project.


Share your project with patients and technicians

The real asset of this software is the opportunity to show to the patient an authentic simulation of how the smile will be after the restoration, in order to better the communication and facilitate the approval. In addition, dentists may send to their technicians a complete report regarding all the information they need to realize the project.

Why choose DSS

Better communication among dentists, patients and technicians:
patients will be able to see a preview of the project which may be shared with dental technicians.
The versatility of DSS libraries gives a range of opportunities in all possible simulations, big and small rehabilitations and, from now on, even a solution for edentulous patients.
Powerful but easy
DSS offers a step-by-step workflow and a full set of analytic tools.
Implementation of the whole workflow
DSS makes a direct integration with open CAD-CAM systems.

Clinical cases

Learn how DSS can improve your daily work.

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Price Policy

Just one licencefor a complete and functional coverage
Free and automatic updates delivered to customers
Compatibleboth with Mac and Win platforms
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